Spain is one of the leaders in the list of the most attractive countries to invest in property. The property market is growing positively and real estate crowdfunding is a booming trend in our country. If you have decided to take advantage of this good situation, today we have some tips that may be of interest to you:


1. Location is the top priority


First of all, before investing in a home, it is crucial to carefully study its location. A good area offers a higher return. Experts recommend investing in well-connected areas that have a wide variety of services nearby. Areas with lots of life, close to shops, parks, schools and colleges, etc.

If you invest in an old home, make sure it is profitable. Investing in old homes always seems like a good idea, as they tend to go for more affordable prices. However, that is not always the case.

To make sure of a good return, the sale price must be sufficiently low to allow you to carry out renovation work. These minor improvements, together with home staging techniques, will increase the return on your home when you sell or rent it.

However, obviously not everyone can afford a home in one of the best areas of the city, no matter how old it is. So, in order to make smart investments in the real estate sector, many people have decided to turn to property crowdfunding platforms such as PropCrowdThis new form of collective real estate investment allows you to invest in the sector in a straightforward, safe and diversified way.


2. The favourites: coastal areas and large cities

In the same way, before you become a property investor, you must carefully analyse the estimated rate of return. Studying the most profitable geographical areas for property investment is fundamental. In Spain, coastal areas offer the highest returns. The Canary Islands particularly stand out, alongside the two largest cities: Madrid and Barcelona, where property crowdfunding companies focus their search for new projects.


3. Professional advice is key


Lastly, there is one more essential tip: always seek advice before investing. Since everything we have mentioned may seem complex (and actually is) investing with the support of a company that is an expert in the sector is key to making profits.

A property crowdfunding company researches the market and carries out all the procedures for you, thus simplifying the entire process. Propcrowd, run by Forcadell, which has more than sixty years’ experience, gives users access to the best opportunities in the market. Following exhaustive analysis, they select the best projects and minimise all the risks.

What are you waiting for to invest through Propcrowd?