In previous posts we talked about the importance of saving for our future, well, this Wednesday a study by Bestinver and IESE showed that Spanish people do not apply good criteria when choosing their investments.
In this event, chaired by the president of the CNMV, Sebastián Albella, the relationship of the Spanish people with savings and investments are not in a very good position. We all already know that we are in the queue as savers with respect to the rest of Europe, but also the investments of these small savings are not the most appropriate. Albella believes it is fundamental that we diversify our investments, it is the way to reduce the risk and according to Beltrán de la Lastra, CEO of Bestinver “despite being the households with the highest average wealth in the euro zone, we are condemned to be poorer because we invest worse ”

The study indicates that after the real estate investment, the next destination with 37.2% of the investments is in the financial asset, even though the profitability does not reach even 1%. The fact is that 1 out of 3 Spaniards do not analyze the conditions of the financial products that we hire and we simply accept what they offer us. It means that, we have hardly any knowledge of the financial market and, although we are not satisfied with the returns they offer us, we usually do not waste a minute looking for other alternatives, compare or analyze.

On the other hand, the study gives us a fact that draws much attention in relation to retirement pensions. We are all aware of the current situation on this issue, most of us, 1 in 4 between 35-44 years, we believe that we will not receive any payment or if we receive it, we know that it will not be enough to maintain our level of life. But do we do something to prevent it? No … we started worrying about our retirement when we only have 10 years left to retire. And, who benefits from this situation? Mainly the banks, which are those who offer this type of financial products, pension plans. In conclusion, we have to learn to save and manage this money more efficiently, there is not only the financial product of the banks. Business models such as real estate crowdfunding allow us to obtain returns far superior to those of any bank, with a reduced risk and allowing you to diversify and invest from a minimum amount.

Source: Bestinver market study