1. About PropCrowd

PropCrowd is a platform that allows you to invest from € 100 in any Real Estate asset, so we share a Real Estate investment between several people. The whole process is controlled and regulated by Law 5/2015, of April 27, on the promotion of business financing. Article 53 establishes that in order to operate the Participatory Financing Platforms (PFP), they must be authorized and registered in the corresponding registration, by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

At PropCrowd, thanks to our partner Socilen, we work with a transparent and safe model for the investor.

It is no longer necessary to invest all the capital or mortgaging many years to invest in a property. PropCrowd allows people of any purchasing power to invest in the real estate market and become co-owners from 100 euros. Through our platform each investor can choose the amount of capital that he wants to invest and in what property he wants to do it, under the criterion of the time of return and the risk he wants to assume.

The Real Estate market again has a very important role in the economy, so a broad knowledge of the sector is the key to reduce investment risk. At PropCrowd, thanks to more than 45 agents and 60 years of experience of our partner Forcadell, you have access to the best market opportunities with returns that only a few investors could previously access. In addition, we avoid the inconvenience of property management that would have an owner individually.

Any individual or legal entity can invest in PropCrowd. The only condition is that the investor has the age of majority and Spanish nationality or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE). For legal entities, the CIF must be Spanish, or in the case of foreign companies, the process should be consulted writing an email to hola@propcrowd.com.

It is not crucial to understand the Real Estate sector or have financial knowledge if you want to become an investor in this sector. The good news is that PropCrowd explains all the peculiarities of each opportunity in a simple and clear way. In addition, we will be at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding your investments. Check all the FAQs, and if you still have questions, you can contact us at hola@propcrowd.com or on the phone +34 631 90 79 51.

2. Account settings

When you sign up for PropCrowd, you do not commit to anything and it has no cost. There will also be no cost on your own or for the transfers issued or received.

Once you are in your private area, you can access to “change password” section and fill in the necessary form to change it.

The password must include at least 8 characters, which must include at least one capital letter, one lower-case letter, one number and one symbol.

Please, send your question to hola@propcrowd.com or you are always welcome to call us at +34 631 90 79 51..

Once you have registered on the platform, you have filled in your identification information and have attached your required identity documents according to the list, your account will be validated.

Once your account has been validated, you must transfer funds from your personal bank account to your PropCrowd account. Once done, you can start investing in our platform.

Your PropCrowd account will have no cost, in the same way that neither transfers nor received will be costs.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cash in your PropCrowd account provided in your private area.

Yes, contracts for all the opportunities you have invested in are available in your private area, where you can download them. Anyway, once the investment is confirmed you will receive all the contracts in the registered e-mail

Unfortunately, there is always this type of risk. In this case, what we do is change the strategy and look for alternative solutions. For example, sell the property instead of maintaining it and renting it or vice versa. In this case, we consult with an extensive team of financial professionals, always requesting the consent of our investors.

3. Risks

Yes, as with any type of investment, Real Estate crowdfunding involves some risks:

  • The benefits could be lower than expected.

  • The duration of a project could be longer than expected.

  • In the worst case, it is possible to lose the total investment (by force majeure).

Through the mail and the user portal you will be informed of the status of the investment. If the return or estimated time is reduced, a communication will be made to all the investors informing of the changes and why.

Statistically, real estate investment is one in which there is less risk of losing a large part of capital. In addition, we usually work with medium-term opportunities, and invest in opportunities that we consider below the current market value. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that our clients will lose their investments.

In PropCrowd we work to choose the most liquid and safest options for you, with a high potential for added value after the reform. In addition, we explore the opportunities of the short-term rental market, since we consider it one of the most profitable.

We try to select opportunities with short-term income, so you can maximize your investments and recover them with benefits within 8 to 15 months. However, if you decide that you need the money back before, you can inform us and we will offer your shares in the project to other investors.

4. Investment Process

The minimum amount to invest per opportunity will depend on each property. The minimum investment is € 100.

If you wish you can increase the amount invested until the end of the campaign. However, you can not withdraw the funds or reduce the investment once the opportunity is closed.

An investment process can last from just a couple of days to 2 months. In each opportunity we show you the time we have to reach it. If we do not manage to finance the project after the marked time, and we consider that it has a high potential for success, we can extend it up to 15-30 more days.

If the amount invested does not reach the necessary level, your money will be returned to your personal PropCrowd account in full. The same would happen if the project was canceled for any other reason.

The money you invest will never reach the PropCrowd bank account until 100% of the opportunity is closed. The entity regulated by CNMV LemonWay retains and ensures that your capital is safeguarded for you.

Once you enter your personal account, you will have access to information regarding the project. We will provide you with complete financial reports and we will update you on the construction phases.

Information about the investments and personal data of each user are private. You can only see how many investors are in the project and how many funds have been reached.

Dado que se trata de préstamos participativos que se formalizan en este caso  entre PropCrowd y los inversores (con la mediación de la plataforma Socilen acreditada por la CNMV), el beneficio obtenido por el inversor, se consideran Intereses que tributan en la escala del ahorro del IRPF y están sometidos a una retención del 19%.


Por ejemplo:

Imagina que haces una aportación de 1.000 euros.

Y que con el proyecto finalmente obtenemos un 20% de rentabilidad, te corresponden, por lo tanto, 1.200 euros (devolución de 1.000 euros e intereses por 200 euros).

Se le aplica una retención de 38 euros (19% de 200euros). Por lo que el líquido final percibido sería de 1.162 euros.


PropCrowd ingresará esos 38 euros de retención mediante el modelo 123 en el trimestre en que se liquide, y facilitará los datos detallados de los inversores mediante el modelo 193 (anual). PropCrowd emitirá un certificado a nombre de cada uno de los inversores, constando el importe de los intereses percibidos y de la retención practicada.

En la declaración de la renta el inversor tendrá que declarar este beneficio en “Rendimientos de capital Inmobiliario”.

5. Notes

Collaborative mechanism of financing of projects where the obtaining of resources is given through a multitude of contributions.

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) is the institution in charge of supervising and inspecting the Spanish securities markets and the activities of those involved in them.

Its aim is to ensure the transparency of these markets and the correct formation of prices in them, as well as the protection of investors.

Internet permite desarrollar portales que, al margen de las ofertas públicas de valores sometidas al control de la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), intermedian entre las empresas que buscan financiar sus proyectos y los ahorradores que desean invertir en las mismas. Surgen así las plataformas de financiación participativa (PFP) que ponen en contacto a los promotores de estos proyectos con los inversores que desean financiarlos. Es un mecanismo flexible que admite todo tipo de productos financieros.

Como forma de regular este nuevo mercado y actores participantes el Gobierno de España, ha decidido crear una licencia de obligada obtención para estas plataformas.

El proceso obligatorio de obtención de una licencia de Plataforma de Financiación Participativa para todas las plataformas de financiación colectiva de España surgió a raíz de la publicación en el BOE de la Ley 5/2015 de 27 de abril, “de fomento de la financiación empresarial”. En esa ley se establecen unos estrictos requisitos para la concesión de las licencias de Plataforma de Financiación Participativa bajo la supervisión de la CNMV y del propio Banco de España.

Intermediary financing tool between capital (equity participation) and the long-term loan. Participative loans are loans in which the funder, in addition to obtaining ordinary remuneration through interest, receives a payment based on the benefits obtained by the financed.

It is the service of a provider, with which payments for online transactions are authorized, regardless of whether they are investments or payments for retail sales. It is the equivalent of a physical point-of-sale (POS) terminal located in most retail establishments. They are a supervised entity and require authorization by the Bank of Spain with the name of payment entity

Payment gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the seller.

We differentiate two types of investors: accredited investors and non-accredited investors (according to Law 05/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing).

– The following natural and legal persons are classified as accredited investors:

• They must request to be considered as accredited investors beforehand, and expressly waive their treatment as a non-accredited customer.

• Annual revenues must be greater than 50,000 euros or have a financial equity of more than 100,000 euros

• They must certify the hiring of the financial advisory service on the financing instruments of the platform by an authorized investment services company.

– Employers who meet, at least, two of the following conditions:

• Your own resources must be equal to or greater than 300,000 euros.

• The total of the asset items must be equal to or greater than 1 million euros

• The amount of your annual business figure must be equal to or greater than 2 million euros.

– SMEs, not included in the previous groups, must prove the hiring of the financial advisory service on the platform’s financing instruments by an authorized investment company.

– Financial institutions and other entities authorized to participate in investment markets, such as collective investment institutions, pension funds or investment funds or other professional operators that are authorized to invest in commodities or derivatives.

– States, their regional administrations, public bodies that manage public debt, Central Banks, World Bank, IMF, ECB, European Investment Bank and similar legal entities.

We differentiate two types of investors: accredited investors and non-accredited investors (according to Law 05/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing).

Those individuals or legal entities that are not considered accredited investors are automatically classified as non-accredited investors.

The profitability of the project is the percentage of profit or loss that is achieved on the investment made. For example, if we invest 10 and when the investment ends, we recover 11, the benefit is 1. The return is 10%.

IRR, or Internal Rate of Return, is the indicator of profitability offered by an investment.

A higher IRR, greater profitability, with what is used as one of the criteria to decide on the acceptance or rejection of a project.

The calculation of the IRR is the profitability of the annualized project. If we follow the previous case, if the return of the project we have done in only 6 months, with a 10% return, then the Annual Return would be 20%. Since we could make 2 investments throughout the year. And with the 10 invested, twice, our benefit at the end of the year would be 2.

Annual profitability is the percentage of profit or loss that is reached if the term of the investment is 1 year. Calculating the annual return we can compare the performance of financial instruments with different maturities.

Rate that LemonWay charges on the money invested by all investors to ensure its return to the investor.

Capital that is estimated at the beginning of a project to ensure that no unforeseen event reduces the estimated profitability. In case this money is not used at the end of the project, the money will be counted as a benefit and the return will be higher.

Commission for real estate agents for the sale of the property