We have a motivated team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the sector. We work with the illusion and the methodology for investors as you will find the best opportunities with the least risk. We are PropCrowd.
Miquel Manzanas. CEO&Co-founder de PropCrowd
Miquel Manzanas
Co-founder y CEO
¡Ilusión y esfuerzo mueve montañas!
Oriol Plana. COO&Co-Founder en PropCrowd
Oriol Plana
Co-founder y COO
¡Constancia e inteligencia para mejorar la eficiencia!
Berta Casares. Operations Manager en PropCrowd
Berta Casares
Operations Manager
Eduardo Pozuelo. Controlling Manager en PropCrowd
Eduardo Pozuelo
Controlling Manager
Ivan Vaqué. Advisor en PropCrowd y CEO de Forcadell
Ivan Vaque
CEO Forcadell
Mireia Garcia. Advisor de PropCrowd y Directora de Innovación de Forcadell
Mireia Garcia
Directora de Innovación en Forcadell
Laura Abadal
Directora de Marketing en Forcadell
Jordi Roig. General Manager de Pro Agency
Jordi Roig
pro. Agency General Manager
We choose the best partners to work
Inversión inmobiliaria con PropCrowd

Forcadell, founded in 1958, is one of the oldest real estate entities in Barcelona. His experience in the sector have helped them to lead the market.

During the decades, Forcadell has developed its professional activity with rigor, ethic and professional skills, and its progress in the sector has placed it among the companies. PropCrowd is a company owned by the Forcadell group.

HiGuests is an award-winning startup with long experience in tourism rental, with headquarters in Barcelona and operations in Spain, Dubai, India, Australia and the Dominican Republic.
The technology of HiGuests allows to maximize the monthly income of the property. HiGuests collaborates with PropCrowd, giving advice on opportunities with better results and operating them maximizing monthly income. Miki and Uri, founders of PropCrowd, are also the founders of HiGuests.

Socilen es una plataforma de participación financiera validada por la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). Unen fuerzas con nosotros para garantizar la conformidad entre las oportunidades de inversión con las regulaciones legales y financieras de España. Su experiencia, garantiza un flujo seguro en los trámites de inversión.

Lemonway is a payment institution accredited by the CNMV that provides us with the necessary technology to create personalized digital portfolios for our investors. They also authorize deposit accounts for each investment opportunity and ensure that funds are held in those accounts until the crowdfunding campaign is completed. They also guarantee security and ease for financial transactions.