The real estate sector is evolving thanks to the opportunities that technology offers. Today we analyse the six trends that are revolutionising the market:

Virtual reality

Some estate agents at the cutting edge have incorporated this technology to offer their clients extra convenience: visiting the inside of a property without having to travel to it. By putting on glasses they can see everything there and even what could be there, imagining different furniture for each room. Thanks to virtual reality, there is less hassle and future buyers and tenants save time.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyse behaviours and decision-making by human beings. It does so through deep learning and predictive analysis and is now extremely useful. Not only in the real estate sector, but also in other fields, it is helping companies attract customers, provide information in real time and, on occasion, it is a full-time assistant at a low cost.


Big Data

Big Data is the study of data in order to obtain information. Thanks to this, it is possible to interpret the consumers’ behaviour in the market. This technology is now revolutionising the sector but it is set to be increasingly important. Having a database with users’ tastes and preferences concerning food, their preferred area to live in, consumption habits and purchasing frequency, makes it easier to acquire the end product, whatever it may be.


Geographic advertising through social networks

Big Data enables tailored advertising on social networks, based on geolocation. This is a great advance that the property industry is already benefiting from. The social networks we all use now allow related advertising to be shown when you travel around cities or visit properties. This means you no longer have to look at balconies and windows to spot “for sale” signs; geolocation does it for you.


The Internet of Things

Home automation enables communication between the user and a system of connected things in a home. The connected things are any type of device with an internet connection. This is possible thanks to the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT technology allows the construction of a smart home that can be controlled through direct orders or remotely.


Real estate crowdfunding

Collective property investment projects are helping democratise real estate investment, bringing them to all users, whatever their investor profile. In the case of Propcrowd, you can invest from as little as €100 with the backing of the more than 60 years’ experience of our partner Forcadell and start to invest without banks, without middlemen and without small-print complications.